Oceanus Naturals G Female Stimulation Gel, 0.5 oz.

Oceanus Naturals G Female Stimulation Gel, 0.5 oz.

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This Oceanus Naturals G Female Stimulation Gel is formulated to enhance sensitivity and intensify your sexual experience. It consists of natural topical stimulants for an amazing tingling sensation. The silky smooth lubricating base offers extreme long-lasting pleasure. This stimulating gel for women also contains carrageenan, a moisture-rich lubricating component which is an extract from rich marine algae. This ingredient is known to have many health benefits. It is 100 percent natural and latex condom compatible. The G female stimulating gel is odorless, colorless and tasteless. You never have to worry about stains or spills with the airless self-sealing pump. This feature also dispenses measured applications. Use this product to intensify your pleasure.

Product Form: Gel
Package Quantity: 1

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